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Yangtze River Cruise

With a rich history dating back 5,000 years, the nation boasts a wealth of antiquities, stunning landscapes, and intriguing ancient traditions. The technological advancement of the modern age allows the nation to create breath-taking skylines and architectural feats. The rich diversity creates unparalleled opportunities for historical exploration, river cruising, and cultural experiences for travellers amidst a backdrop of comfort and style.

Travel out of the busy cities of this incredible nation and you will find the sheer joy of crossing such a vast and ancient land – from the green paddy fields and misty hilltops of the south, to the mountains of Tibet, and the scorched, epic landscapes of the ancient Silk Road in the northwest.


why choose a china river cruise?

  • Experience 5,000 years of culture in luxury
  • Variety of incredible scenery and extraordinary landscapes
  • Eat authentic Chinese food
  • The Three Gorges area of the Yangzi River is stunning and offers a glimpse into rural Chinese life
  • With some 56 recognised ethnic minority groups, China is a diverse collection of different peoples and traditions

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The Yangtze River

The mighty Yangtze River is known as the symbolic lifeline of China. At 3,900 miles, the world’s third longest river, the Yangzi River flows from the Roof of the World to the East cutting through China, dividing the country into north and south. The river with its numerous tributaries and feeders provides a great transportation network through the heart of some of the most densely populated areas in China. From the spectacular Three Gorges region to the vast feat of engineering that is the Three Gorges Dam, cruising through the heart of the Yangzi River provides an understanding of the rapid emergence of China as a global superpower.

Awe-inspiring natural beauty, iconic World Heritage sites and cultures enhanced over centuries – these are the riches around as you sail China’s legendary waterway. 

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