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Walk with Maasai warriors & tour the school and village in Nakatindi

There is no better way to learn about an area you’re visiting than going on a cultural trip, meeting and listening to the stories of the local community.

Walk with Maasai warriors, learn from Batwa People or visit a local school in the bush. Listen to the stories they tell and let them share their knowledge and culture with you. What better way to learn about the rich culture of the extraordinary people of Southern and East Africa?



Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma offers visits to Nakatindi, our main philanthropic project in Zambia, where you will be able to take a tour of the school and the village, filled with children playing and people getting on with their regular day to day lives. While staying in Sanctuary Makanyane Safari Lodge, why not visit one of the villages local to the Madikwe Reserve to see the school, the local shabeen (bar), a curio market and (if possible) even visit the local Sangoma (witchdoctor). Gain insight into the vibrant and traditional way of life of the Maasai when staying at Sanctuary Olonana. In Uganda, Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp offers a special opportunity to experience the rich cultural diversity of the local Batwa people.


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